How MoNo-MeLi could rule the world

My recent blog posts, “Does LAMP need a successor?” and “Introducing MoNo-MeLi – the heir to LAMP’s thone” generated quite a bit of conversation on LinkedIn. Off the back of these comments, I’ve managed to develop the MoNo-MeLi plan further. So, the key quality criteria for using a platform to perform a certain task are: […]

MoNo-MeLi as the successor to LAMP: responses

I’m back from a short break away and have been enjoying reading some comments people have made about some recent blog posts of mine. You may have read them, “Does LAMP need a successor?” and “Introducing MoNo-MeLi – the heir to LAMP’s thone”. If not, this blog post will probably make far more sense if […]

dmSwitchboard12 Version 2, what will the Ghosts make of you?

I recently introduced you to my Ghosts of Product Managers Past, Present and Future. Now here’s a problem for those Ghosts to solve. We have just released dmSwitchboard12 Version 2. This is our hosted switchboard, which is universally agreed to be the best in the world, (from a sample base of myself and some people […]

The Ghosts of Product Managers: Past, Present and Future

I’m a product manager, amongst other sins, for a telco on London’s “Silicon Roundabout”, and sometimes when one is wrestling a product out the door (you can see the finger-nail marks around the door-frame, as it resists your attempts to release it), one wonders about product management. Product Management (PdM) is about choosing where to […]

Introducing MoNo-MeLi – the heir to LAMP’s throne

Last blog post I posed the question, does LAMP need a successor? LAMP, a software bundle comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, currently powers the web, but due to changes in the way consumers operate online, it’s swiftly becoming old-fashioned and too slow for the real-time, cloud and app lovers of today’s internet, not […]

Does LAMP need a successor?

At Digital Mail we are working hard on implementing a new architecture for a product that we are working on. We need seriously real-time software, and lots of simultaneous connections and activities. As developers know, the web is powered by LAMP, a software bundle comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. However there are some […]

On seperating operational, tactical and strategic computing.

I was recently involved in a discussion on OpenERP, when I suggested that one might export data from the main ERP system for seperate processing using SQL and Excel for reporting.  This was regarded by some as a criticism of the ERP system’s reporting capability, however I think that this is quite natural for the […]

CRM and “the one post-it note at a time” syndrome

Imagine, the phone rings, and as you take the call, a colleague hands you an A3 sheet which is full of useful post-it notes for the call. Who is the customer ,what are their contact details, post-it notes with key details of the last 5 calls, the product that they are thinking of buying and […]

HTC Desire HD…please make my smart-ass phone into a smarter phone

Hmmm….now why did I not publish this earlier on… It’s the most wonderful phone, it’s a kind of electronics swiss army electronic gadgetry: – Sat nav – movie and still camera – music player The trouble is that it is smart ass phone, you know some that talks the talk , but lets you down. […]

Unusual review Samsung Galaxy Note (1) vs. Blackberry Bold 9900, grown-up phones & RIM stock price?

A few weeks ago I was at a drinks party, and needed to note something quickly down.  I had a Note (Phablet) and a BB Bold 9000.  I pulled out the Note, and then changed my mind, and used the 9900 instead.  This article is all about some thoughts that stemmed from that. We don’t […]

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