How to Boost Your Business in 2015

dmBizClub resizedNow the New Year is with us, we’re delighted to announce the upcoming launch of your new dmBizClub, providing a wealth of free resources, exciting services and special events designed to help your business thrive in 2015 and beyond.

Putting the ‘club’ in dmClub

From the very start, supporting your business meant more to us than helping you manage your business calls. Our vision for 2015 is to create a dynamic network where you could meet your fellow business owners, learn from each other, and even work together to grow and succeed.

The technology required to fully support our vision is now available to us, which means we can at last present to you dmClub as it was always intended.

dmBizClub will not solely be an online resource, we are also planning offline events so that you can meet your fellow club members in person.

What’s in store?

We’re offering exclusive access to free resources and clinics, plus products and services, to help you achieve your business growth goals in the New Year including:

Growing your network

With regular events taking place both online and in person.

Learning new strategies

We will be running free webinars and clinics to help you in specific areas of business including some leading experts in their field.

Free advertising for your business

You may have already seen – or even been featured in – our regular Customer Spotlight feature. With dmBizClub, we’ll be presenting even more ways for you to promote your company to other dmClub users.

Saving money

Through special offers and discount deals on everyday business essentials.

All this, plus a whole new range of innovative services to help your business grow.

Your club – Your feedback

Is there something you feel we could be offering with our new club that we haven’t thought of? We’d love to hear from you. Simply get in touch through the usual contact details.

What happens now?

We’re still putting the finishing touches on dmBizClub, but we’ll be making further announcements soon. Keep an eye on our upcoming newsletters for more details.

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