Which WebTribe are you, and how do you know?

ID-100269030I have been mulling over the diversity of people who will (well I really hope!) will be using a new product that we are developing, and hope to have soon in the market.  It’s a new kind of PABX / Switchboard that we think will make things radically easier. One of the things we have to deal with is attitudes of the two WebTribes.

WebTribe #1 the ‘Appies (thinks This happy breed of men, this little world… ) These are the people who use technology, and find the technicalities of what happens “under the bonnet” an irritating distraction.  They can be quite advanced, and in some ways more sophisticated in their use that quite clever people of …

WebTribe #2 the Technies.  These are the people who enjoy technology and creating things.  Lots of them are buying the Raspberry Pi , and we will see in the next couple of months how successful they are with their aspirations of home automation and programming.

Sometimes the Techies can be like grouchy remembers of a motoring club, when they see new members come in.  “I remember when one had to double de-clutch, non of this sequential gear box nonsense”.  And the ‘Appies, look curiously at these old fossils, and are thankful that they were born later!

So are you a Techie, or an Appi?

How do you know, and are you happy that way?

Let’s hear some comments and tests.

Oh and the new product that I’m working on, it’s for the ‘Appies, which is funny as I’m a techie!

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