Incubation Ideas…. FOSS Operations Service Company

I’ve decided to kick this idea onto the Blog, it’s early days and ready for some outside ideas/critique.  Sometimes you need to push an idea out into the wilds to see what it becomes.  I’ll ask some of my <ingratiation>wonderful and kind friends </ingratiation> and any other kind spirited people to comment and make suggestions. […]

What’s HP’s webOS announcement of wed09feb11was all about

In most of the press the story is big laggard releases a couple mobiles and a me too tablet. …hmmm…let’s rewind to 2 years ago. John Rubenstein of Palm, a company that is regarded as firmly on the ropes, steals the show with webOS.  It is conceptually ahead of everything else in the mobile market. […]

A nimble leap (???) into Agile

We have started using some Agile techniques in the company, and although it has created a lot of work to set up the tools and processes, we are very impressed with the results. We used to use our interpretation of the waterfall development process, but we were hitting some productivity, motivation and quality problems.  It […]

…and an Agile Pair in a Pear tree?

This attempt at humour on the collective noun of agile programmers, mixed with the Christmas Carol “and a partridge in a pear tree”. Having had some success in turning around a project with agile, we are now in the market for an “agile pair” of programmers, which invites lots of interesting visions. They will be […]

SIM-only: the end of cash cow mobile deals?

Just bought myself a new phone HTC Desire HD, it has some really good points (and a couple of niggles), plenty of good reviews out there, so my POV on pro’s and con’s maybe in another post.did the math…save £400 over 30 months. It was cheaper to buy myself a handset… …then I bought a […]

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