Six easy ways to cut the cost of your call answering service

save money blogWhether your New Year’s Resolution is to make savings in your company, or to invest in a telephone call answering service without paying a fortune, you may be pleased to hear that dmAnswers14 comes with a host of options for minimising the cost of your telephone answering service.

With dmAnswers14, your business calls are answered by a professional agent from just 58p per answer, though we appreciate that if your business attracts large call volumes the costs could start to mount up.

Here are six ways you can get the professional grade telephone call answering that dmAnswers14 offers whilst keeping to a tight budget:

Take the Express Route

Our Express service is a way of reducing agent time on your calls and therefor offers a fast, affordable way to create a great first impression for your customers and manages all your inbound calls. You still get the same professional grade telephone call answer, but because the cost of handling a call is based on agent time, most calls will cost less with Express.

Be selective over which calls we answer for you

Though we’re happy to deal with every possible kind of call, you are able to restrict the type of calls we answer for you to, say, sales calls, which means you’ll reduce the number of units you pay for.

Set your opening hours

dmAnswers14 is available 24/7, although you could consider reducing cover to business hours only, with out-of-hours calls heading to your voicemail.

Answer more calls yourself

If you’re able to take calls yourself during the day, you can set a longer delay before the agent answers your calls, so that you can handle more calls yourself.

Get to the point

By keeping your telephone script succinct and to the point, our agents spend less time on the phone, meaning more savings for you.

Buy a dmAnswers14 Pak

dmAnswers14 Paks allow you to switch how you pay for dmAnswers14 from cost per unit to cost per call. The cost is the same per call 24/7 and most calls will cost less outside of UK office hours (8.30am to 6.00pm).

Speak to a member of our team on 020 7060 2000 to find out more about how dmAnswers14 can help your business save money.

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