dmClub does VisualVoicemail Carlsberg Would be Proud Of

Hands up all those familiar with the classic Carlsberg television commercials? Though you might not be partial to that particular brand of beer yourself, there’s no denying the entertainment value of those ads.

Whether they’re reinventing our weekly grocery shop…

Or rewriting the traditional marriage vows…

…There’s a lesson to be learned behind all the fun and we’ve certainly learned it as far as designing a voicemail system that blows away the old one!

It’s not just any old voicemail mind you, but a logically thought out voicemail system that actually lets you do things that you wished you could always have done.

Imagine this: your customer leaves a voicemail. Now he’s important, as all customers are, but he loves to go on a bit and normally gets to the point after a few minutes of chit chat: so forward it to the important bit instead of listening all the way through.

Or what if you’re travelling and roaming charges on voicemails are just putting you off even looking at your phone? Use our VOIP download functions over Wi-Fi to save you time and a lot of money! The new options in our VisualVoicemail will help you whenever you are out and about and do exactly what you always wanted voicemail to do.

With a useful, interactive summary of all your missed calls, it turns voicemail into probably the best voicemail in the world:


Remember all those occasions you had to listen to a single voicemail several times over just to make sure you’d heard the phone number and the person’s name correctly? All of that is a thing of the past with our new Visual Voicemail.

The number is right there on the screen, and you can listen to the important bits again and again whenever you need to. And all this is available with your service following our recent upgrade to the new GenU platform.

Magic huh?

We would love to hear your suggestions on how to make our VisualVoicemail even better so drop us a line and the best suggestion will get a year’s free rent on a dmConnect12 plan plus a crate of Carlsberg, or if you prefer just a crate of your favourite beer – it’s on us.

VisualVoicemail… probably the best voicemail in the world.

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