Callflow: What it is and why it matters

callflowThey say that when you do things right, people won’t be sure that you’ve done anything at all. Yet do things badly and people will soon notice. Such is the case with callflow, where the difference between doing it right and doing it badly could make all the difference between a successful sale and an angry customer.

Done right, callflow guides callers through a smooth, seamless journey towards the answers they were looking for. Done badly, however, and it becomes a problem that could well be costing you money.

But what exactly is callflow and how does callflow impact your business?

Callflow is about your customers’ experience

From the second they hit the last digit of your phone number to the moment they get on the line with someone who can help, your customers are taken on a journey.

Your company’s callflow is how your customer experiences that journey, including the length of time that the phone rings, to the number of menu options they have to listen to before they reach the right department, down to time spent on hold and even the greeting they receive.

Whilst it’s happening, your customers are forming an impression of your business. Whether that’s a good or bad impression depends entirely on how easy you make it for them.

Answer quickly, get them through to the right department swiftly, and make your first words a polite, professional greeting, and you create happy callers who are far more likely to want to use your products or services. Contrast this experience with a callflow where a caller has to go through five different levels of menu and sub-menu only to find themselves on hold with a long wait before reaching a human being.

Improving your call flow

Ultimately, you should be striving to leave your callers feeling as though you not only value their custom, but their time as well.

To achieve that, there’s a few things you could consider implementing into your company policy regarding incoming calls:

  • Aim to answer calls within four rings.
  • Get them through to a real human being as swiftly as possible. You’ll be making life easier by directing them to the right department using a few menu options, though with every new sub-menu, patience and happiness starts to drop.
  • Promise to call back within two working hours if you can’t answer a question there and then, and ensure you follow up on that promise.

For more information about how to use your service options to improve callflow, speak to your dmClub representative on 020 7060 2000 to find out how we can help.

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