Monthly Archives: February 2011

Incubation Ideas…. FOSS Operations Service Company

I’ve decided to kick this idea onto the Blog, it’s early days and ready for some outside ideas/critique.  Sometimes you need to push an idea out into the wilds to see what it becomes.  I’ll ask some of my <ingratiation>wonderful and kind friends </ingratiation> and any other kind spirited people to comment and make suggestions. […]

What’s HP’s webOS announcement of wed09feb11was all about

In most of the press the story is big laggard releases a couple mobiles and a me too tablet. …hmmm…let’s rewind to 2 years ago. John Rubenstein of Palm, a company that is regarded as firmly on the ropes, steals the show with webOS.  It is conceptually ahead of everything else in the mobile market. […]