… a new business

Pleased to announce the first release of

We want to help people buy and sell really special telephone numbers:

  • We help buyers to find numbers perfect for their needs, and allow them to be operated by their preferred service provider. If you don’t have a service provider already we can recommend one.
  • We help dealers find perfect (special, rare & matched) numbers for their customers. Numbers are easy to search for, authoritatively priced, and straightforward to acquire – no prolonged negotiations!
  • We help sellers who have numbers surplus to their needs to release their capital value.
  • We help telephone number range owners value, manage and monetise their numbers.
  • We like friends who are interested, and might like to help

In case you are wondering why I am telling this in a slightly “user story” manner, I am busily applying the know-how from a product management course last year!

We are fixing up some drinks by Silicon (the Roundabout formerly know as Old Street) roundabout, which will be an opportunity to discuss ideas, suggestions, or just to meet some interesting people in telecoms and disruptive business.

The site is open for business, while we are delighted to have your business, we are really interested in ideas and suggestions for:

  • How could the business be useful
  • Who could we help, and should we go through existing partners or directly
  • What should we add in the next releases
  • Is there anyone there who would like to get involved (friend, staff/management, networking, partnering)

Tel: 020 3000 1234

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