About me

RGD_Crop_BWI’m the managing director of Digital Mail Ltd, a London-based tech company.

We have the following interests:

1) Telecoms tech company, which does products like:

2) www.dmclub.net A telecoms distribution company, which (rather unsurprisingly!) distributes our telecoms tech

3) BizClubPartners, which we are talking about, and will probably soon have enough mindset for its own website.  It’s all about a business that helps Micro/Small businesses by providing help, networking and packaged solutions.  We are getting good resonance, so we will be moving forward on this.

4) rtFactz, which is more of a tech play, it’s all about real-time snippets of information, that are associatively linked across the web.  It’s a great idea, but I am concerned about my “hours in the day!”

In my spare time I enjoy sailing, opera and keeping up with the latest tech gadgets, and the occasional bit of spread-betting on tech stocks.