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New website…with all the usual creativity / chaos

Welcome to my new website, sorry about the mess, as you pick your way around the internet equivalent of packing boxes, and are served tea in a chipped mug. I’ve started with the chaos, hoping that the creativity will follow. Pop a comment into the visitors book to say hi. Regards Rob      

dmClub does VisualVoicemail Carlsberg Would be Proud Of

Hands up all those familiar with the classic Carlsberg television commercials? Though you might not be partial to that particular brand of beer yourself, there’s no denying the entertainment value of those ads. Whether they’re reinventing our weekly grocery shop… Or rewriting the traditional marriage vows… …There’s a lesson to be learned behind all the […]

6 Small Business Trends for 2015…

…and what to do about them Around this time of year, I like to reflect on the year that has been, identify business trends and think about the year to come in terms of our customers’ needs and our own. Here are six trends that caught my attention and my thoughts about what we can […]

Candidate CRM & Workflow systems for Data Driven Marketing

I thought that I would share some ideas that we have been working on in the areas of Sales/Marketing/CRM… We are calling it Data Driven Marketing, and it is all about making it easier for our customers to use our products better, and to use more of our products.  We are looking around for a […]

On seperating operational, tactical and strategic computing.

I was recently involved in a discussion on OpenERP, when I suggested that one might export data from the main ERP system for seperate processing using SQL and Excel for reporting.  This was regarded by some as a criticism of the ERP system’s reporting capability, however I think that this is quite natural for the […]

Unusual review Samsung Galaxy Note (1) vs. Blackberry Bold 9900, grown-up phones & RIM stock price?

A few weeks ago I was at a drinks party, and needed to note something quickly down.  I had a Note (Phablet) and a BB Bold 9000.  I pulled out the Note, and then changed my mind, and used the 9900 instead.  This article is all about some thoughts that stemmed from that. We don’t […]

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012

Well a Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope that we can rise to the challenges of this year, and resist the temptation to let these difficult times bring out the worst in us. New year’s resolution #1….yes get this blog busier again!! Good luck (we will probably need it)

DRAFT Invitation for expert to get in touch for some VOIP work, all comments welcome!

UPDATE fri10jun11 Thanks for the various contacts, we have chosen some initial PBX experts, and we will be working with them over the next couple of weeks to see what we can create together. 1. Executive Summary As part of a program to deliver exciting new products to their range, London based is looking to […]

A Different Approach for the Login Mess

I think that “the web” is now in a bit of a mess with the quantity of logins that we all have to remember. There are some interesting initiatives: OpenID Oauth And let’s not forget the Microsoft efforts (rumoured to have been snargelled by internal politics) However we find ourselves continuously looking at these, then going […]

Drupal consulting on Federated sessions, any ideas or offers

We would like to buy a couple of hours of time from a consultant with experience of integrating Drupal login/registration and sessions with a family of third-party sites. This solution could use OpenID, or be custom built. You would be working alongside and advising developers within our internal team – but they’re very busy already […]