Monthly Archives: December 2012

HTC Desire HD…please make my smart-ass phone into a smarter phone

Hmmm….now why did I not publish this earlier on… It’s the most wonderful phone, it’s a kind of electronics swiss army electronic gadgetry: – Sat nav – movie and still camera – music player The trouble is that it is smart ass phone, you know some that talks the talk , but lets you down. […]

Unusual review Samsung Galaxy Note (1) vs. Blackberry Bold 9900, grown-up phones & RIM stock price?

A few weeks ago I was at a drinks party, and needed to note something quickly down.  I had a Note (Phablet) and a BB Bold 9000.  I pulled out the Note, and then changed my mind, and used the 9900 instead.  This article is all about some thoughts that stemmed from that. We don’t […]

Web Tribes #2, the third type…

Previously I wrote about 2x web tribes, the ‘Appies and the Techies.  Hanging my explorer’s pith helmet on the hook I would like to report on the Speccie Tribe. The Speccie tribe likes to specify things, and is more involved on precisely what they want than the ‘Appie who will make do with what they […]