CRM and “the one post-it note at a time” syndrome

ID-10082936Imagine, the phone rings, and as you take the call, a colleague hands you an A3 sheet which is full of useful post-it notes for the call.

Who is the customer ,what are their contact details, post-it notes with key details of the last 5 calls, the product that they are thinking of buying and the 5 key sales tips.

Wow, that’s a good way of starting the sales call!

…meanwhile on plant Earth…

You can have one post it note at a time, and you can make one or two clicks to move between post-it notes.

Wow, that’s not so good, but for the CRM systems that I have seen, that is the state of art, and some managers wonder why many sales people have a low regard for CRM systems, think of them as a way of being controlled, rather than a way of helping the sales person sell!

Welcome to the state of art of most CRM, ERP, groupware systems.

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