Does LAMP need a successor?

ID-10021758At Digital Mail we are working hard on implementing a new architecture for a product that we are working on. We need seriously real-time software, and lots of simultaneous connections and activities.

As developers know, the web is powered by LAMP, a software bundle comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

However there are some trends that are putting this dominance under threat:

  • Desktop applications are being replaced by cloud/hosted apps, and it’s hard work to develop this in LAMP. Something that removes a lot of the web-client and server separation coding pain would be ideal.
  • With more interactive “application like” websites, if the whole page has to be reloaded whenever something is changed, that’s a lot of refreshing.
  • People like responsiveness and know that they can get it on certain web sites that are out in the market, so aren’t tolerant of slow apps. One should be aiming at responsiveness of 100-250mSec.
  • There is a shortage of good developers, and the good developers need to be even more productive to support competitive timelines in ambitious roadmaps.

As I hope you can see, we think that LAMP does need a successor. Later this week I will outline what we propose to be the successor (we call it MoNo-MeLi) and why we think it solves all these arising problems, so check back soon.

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