MoNo-MeLi as the successor to LAMP: responses

ID-100259283I’m back from a short break away and have been enjoying reading some comments people have made about some recent blog posts of mine. You may have read them, “Does LAMP need a successor?” and “Introducing MoNo-MeLi – the heir to LAMP’s thone”. If not, this blog post will probably make far more sense if you do go read them.

Since writing them, I have had some very interesting feedback, representing a broad spectrum of perspectives. Here are some of the highlights:

Firstly, in the node.JS developers group, AJ ONeal discusses the distinction between the different classes of web content, and postulates that even if MoNo-MeLi can’t take on LAMP itself, it could help out with non-CRUD tasks. Douglas Muth talks about some of the many merits of node.JS

In the Meteor group, a few people made some very relevant comments – Matt Cameron in particular thinks that it’s the apps that will make or break MoNo-MeLi.

Finally, the biggest discussion was In the Open Source LinkedIn group.

Malcolm Simpson believes that since LAMP has such a large community of users, it will surely continue to improve and evolve, rather than being replaced. Mark Kimsal mentions that early user success is vital. Michael Grant points out that PHP is successful due to its ease of use. Laurent Caillette adds some really interesting comments on the various alternatives to PHP. Dave Howe asks some important questions on the migration, and discusses the issues of adopting too early.

I’m very grateful to everyone for their contributions, and check back tomorrow for a blog post building on these points… how MoNo-MeLi could rule the world!

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