Web Tribes #2, the third type…

Previously I wrote about 2x web tribes, the ‘Appies and the Techies.  Hanging my explorer’s pith helmet on the hook I would like to report on the Speccie Tribe. The Speccie tribe likes to specify things, and is more involved on precisely what they want than the ‘Appie who will make do with what they […]

Which WebTribe are you, and how do you know?

I have been mulling over the diversity of people who will (well I really hope!) will be using a new product that we are developing, and hope to have soon in the market.  It’s a new kind of PABX / Switchboard that we think will make things radically easier. One of the things we have […]

A simple VOIP connection quality connector

It may just be me… in which case I’ll shut up!! It’s very frustrating when I have a problem with VOIP, and I wonder if it is the ISP of the VOIP provider. If I am doing other things I’ll think “hmm…that site seems slow”. How about some software that runs all day, that is […]

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012

Well a Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope that we can rise to the challenges of this year, and resist the temptation to let these difficult times bring out the worst in us. New year’s resolution #1….yes get this blog busier again!! Good luck (we will probably need it)

DRAFT Invitation for expert to get in touch for some VOIP work, all comments welcome!

UPDATE fri10jun11 Thanks for the various contacts, we have chosen some initial PBX experts, and we will be working with them over the next couple of weeks to see what we can create together. 1. Executive Summary As part of a program to deliver exciting new products to their range, London based DigitalMail.com is looking to […]

A Different Approach for the Login Mess

I think that “the web” is now in a bit of a mess with the quantity of logins that we all have to remember. There are some interesting initiatives: OpenID Oauth And let’s not forget the Microsoft efforts (rumoured to have been snargelled by internal politics) However we find ourselves continuously looking at these, then going […]

Drupal consulting on Federated sessions, any ideas or offers

We would like to buy a couple of hours of time from a consultant with experience of integrating Drupal login/registration and sessions with a family of third-party sites. This solution could use OpenID, or be custom built. You would be working alongside and advising developers within our internal team – but they’re very busy already […]

Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot cambelt wizard

This is a totally shameless plug for someone who is saving me lots of money. It is also a bit of a warning for the lucky (ha!!) owners of similar cars to my Citroen C8 2.2 turbo diesel. REPLACE THE CAM BELT AT 50,000 MILES, or your car may have to visit my new friend […]

RIMM Blackberry Playbook launch…some initial impressions…the “S” word

There’s been quite a lot of bashing of the product, some slightly hilarious, if they were not so damaging.  There might even be a bit of over-patriotic/love for another company, that has coloured some of the reviews. Segmentation…this market is so big, I think that one needs to look at the segments. there’s quite an apt […]

Drupal Ideas, Development Opportunity, Co-operation

Intro…Product Community Content System I’m going to be involved in a project, where we think that Drupal would be very useful. It’s all about helping customers and dealers understand, use, and discuss our products.  We would like to use web pages of content, comments, forums and tagging (n level). I’ve put together some requirements/ideas.  Some of […]

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